Clay County States Attorney

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Alexis Tracy

Alexis Tracy, State’s Attorney, prosecutes felony criminal matters occurring in Clay County, with a focus on crimes against persons cases.  Tracy regularly attends County Commissioner meetings to provide legal representation and assistance on civil matters faced by the Board and other county officials.

Philip Terwilliger, Deputy State's Attorney, is one of the county’s felony criminal prosecutors.  Terwilliger is also the prosecutor for juvenile court matters (CHINS, Delinquency and Abuse and Neglect actions) and is responsible for referrals to juvenile diversion.  Terwilliger assists families in the county with the Involuntary Committal process for severe substance abusers.

Samantha Hargrave, Deputy State's Attorney, is responsible for prosecuting all magistrate matters filed within the county.  She is the prosecutor who manages the adult diversion program for underage alcohol offenders between the ages of 18-20 years old.  Hargrave oversees application and reporting requirements for federal grant funding received by the county through the Violence Against Women Act. 

Linda Weber, Legal Assistant, provides support services on all felony cases, as well as abuse and neglect matters filed by the office.  She is the point of contact for victim correspondence and communication on those cases. 

Jill Dotson, Legal Assistant, provides support services to all magistrate cases, as well as juvenile CHINS and delinquency matters reviewed by the State’s Attorney’s office.  She is the Victim’s Witness Assistant and responsible for victim correspondence and communication on the cases she works.